Hey there! My name is Susan Petters, teacher at Petters Piano Studio in Farmington, UT

I am a wife of a retired air force colonel, mother of 6 kids and 2 in laws, and grandmother of 4. Since my kids were 3 I have been teaching them piano and showing them the influence music has on thier life.. I have always wanted to be a teacher and love seeing how kids grow and figure out thier talent in music.  I have had a very adventurous life moving every few years to new state or even a new country!  Everywhere I have been I left with kids who now are immursed in music and found talent they never knew they had. I have taught piano now for 20+ years influencing hundreds of kids around the world and loving every second of it. Starting as young as 3, I will teach them to love music and help them succeed in their goals. In my studio I make sure the child knows the skill to figure out how to play their song themselves. I want each child to learn the tools that helps them figure out each piece of music.  I also help them master music theory, composing, and how to perform. I hope you will want me as your teacher and I can't wait to teach you how to love music!

- Ms. Susan